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Offices to rent Manchester

April 30, 2012

FreshStart Living is a property investment company specialising in affordable housing throughout the UK. Their portfolio of residential properties include apartments, student accommodation and key worker homes, all of which provide investors with affordable and profitable investment opportunities, as well as providing accommodation to sectors of society which rely on affordable and well-located properties. The commercial arm of FreshStart Living is FreshStart Business which concentrates on the commercial property sector and the developments available as office space from FreshStart Living.  Currently available is office space to rent in North Manchester Business Centre, conveniently located and at a very competitive price to suit all companies.

North Manchester Business Centre contains the head office of FreshStart Living and office space is available from £6 per square foot. The business centre contains eight buildings which house a range of modern and spacious offices; these can be completed with a bespoke style to match your companyâ??s image if required. The business centre has ample parking, and the congestion and expensive parking of offices in Manchester can be forgotten. Security is at hand, as well as alarm systems for peace of mind of both companies and employees. Lifts and disabled WCâ??s are available to provide a comfortable work environment for everyone in the office.  At just £6 a sq ft it rivals every other commercial property company on the market, and with a fantastic location and attractive offices it is exceptional value for money suiting all types of companies. The local area has all the shops, supermarkets, food services and conveniences for employees to get out and enjoy their free time. It is also easily reachable from local towns and cities making it an enjoyable trip into the office, either by public transport or car. The close proximity to the M60 also makes other North West cities accessible, either for business or pleasure.

There are few benefits to working in the city centre as congestion, high prices, and excessive transport costs and parking fees on top of expensive office rental and bills, makes it an expensive venture not only for business owners but also for the employees paying premium prices to get to and from work. Developing business centres just outside of the city centre provides a much more affordable and enjoyable office space. Rents are considerable lower as is transport and expenses such as lunch or office breaks. Business parks provide ample, free parking and are conveniently located for public transport, allowing all employees to get into the office simply and affordably. The location of Business Centres is usually much more residential, meaning the office space is on the route of many major roads and routes connecting towns and cities allowing most employees to skip the city centre all together making a more pleasant journey to work.

Office Space to let from £6 a sq ft allows businesses to concentrate on expanding their business and reaching their potential, rather than struggling against high rental prices. The current economic climate makes it harder for businesses to thrive and by lowering office space rent companies can concentrate on expanding, developing and in turn providing employment and business opportunities. The FreshStart Living model helps strengthen the business market by providing quality and affordable office space to help ignite the business sector and allow small companies the chance to evolve into large businesses, increasing revenue, employment and opportunity in local areas. If you think your company can benefit from affordable office space in Manchester get in touch with FreshStart Business for an office space tailored to your needs.


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